New Strategies to Treat Neurosurgery and Head and Neck Disorders: The Lenox Hill Skull Base Course CME

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Location: Lenox Hill Hospital Einhorn Auditorium 131 E. 76th Street, New York, NY 10075

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018
Time: 4:30pm-8:00pm


4:30-5:00pm: Registration & Dinner
5:00-5:05pm: John Boockvar, MD and Peter Costantino, MD, FACS: Introduction
5:10-5:25pm: Peter Costantino, MD, FACS: Infratemporal fossa approaches to lesions of the skull base: How I do it
5:25-5:40pm: David Langer, MD: Cerebral revascularization for skull base tumors: How I do it
5:40-5:55pm: Rafael Ortiz, MD: Neuro-endovascular techniques in skull base disorders: How I do it
6:00-6:15pm: John Boockvar, MD: New surgical techniques in pituitary and skull base surgery: How I do it
6:15-6:30pm: Dennis Kraus, MD, FACS: New approaches and therapies for head and neck tumors: How I do it
630-645pm: Gady Har-El, MD, FACS: Anterior skull base approaches for Esthesioneuroblastoma/ Neuroendocrine tumors: How I do it
7:00-7:15pm: Jason Ellis, MD: Stereotactic radiosurgery for skull base disorders: How I do it
7:15-7:30pm: Deborah Shatzkes, MD: Interpreting complexities in skull base MR imaging: How I do it
7:30-7:45pm:Stephen Scharf, MD: Utilizing advanced metabolic imaging techniques for skull base tumors: How I do it
7:45-8:00pm: Aron Pollack, MD: Endoscopic endonasal approaches to CSF leaks, meningoceles and encephaloceles of the skull base: How I do it
8:00pm: Closing remarks and adjourn